To satiate my current hunger for Audrey Hepburn films, I watched Roman Holiday and Sabrina over the last two nights.  I very much enjoyed Roman Holiday.  It resonated with me for some reason. Sabrina, not so much.  Still a decent film, but the first half of the film is surprisingly frustrating to watch.


There is so much to do, and so little time.  Still, the harder I push for something in life the faster I burn out.  Sometimes I wonder if I won’t be struggling against the tide for my entire life, reach the end, and have nothing to show for my troubles.  This is probably my greatest fear – to put all this energy into creating something, to pour out everything and find that it wasn’t enough.  I think of how pointless life is if luck is the only thing that will determine success.  I try not to fall into that line of thought, however.  Far too cynical, defeatist.  If I find that I cannot enjoy something – if I’m so focused on the final product, I stop.

Finding joy in the process of things lowers the risk of it all being for nothing.