Why are weights so heavy!?

I’ve got a few sets of dumbbells sitting in the trunk of my car – up to a pair of 35 lbs.  I should really carry them up to my apartment, but they are oh-so-very heavy.  Unfortunately, I live on the third floor of my apartment, which is not equipped with an elevator.  I’d like the meet the engineers who decided that creating a multi-story building without an elevator was a good idea.  Aren’t elevators required by law for handicap accessibility or something?  Whatever.  I don’t know why I’m paying so much for this place.  Harken unto me!  Change will be coming soon.

I spent this past weekend getting my hands on a bunch of classic Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly films.  I amassed quite a number of them – enough to keep me watching for the rest of the semester, most probably.

On a different note, here is great song, performed live, from the new Young the Giant album: